Personal life + rs thoughts

Posted: March 23, 2015 in Uncategorized


Hello all!

I dont know if anyone even read this blog, actually, i dont know if anyone even been play this game full time like alot used to be! haha!

Well, my ‘rs life’ started 7 years ago! When i started play i was 15 years old, now i am 22, when i started i was at school, now im on uni and working, so many things changed T_T…

On classes:

1st red stone: Thief and Tamer

2nd red stone: Squire (sold) and Archer (shottie)

3rd red stone: Tamer and necro

My only regret was didnt made any good dmg class on this server xD its really cheaper play a necro instead of archer or squire or thief, but i miss do some dmg on pvp T.T

since then i passed thru alot of guilds, aog, unfo, pw, rosa, defiance, fairy tail, peace guardians, sakura, pure cure, some jap names guilds like old prii guild, idr all the names, but yeah..

If u ever play this game and invest some time on it, u will probrably fall in love for it, cuz its really amazing! My fav part of the game is the ‘drop style’ and the pvp, its really amazing how u can have some itens that no one ever will have, on most games around is all based on craft or buy itens, and the pvp here is really good! A single char cant do much alone, all class has it uses on pvp and can help (except opti ok <3)

 i never really find any other mmorpg like this, i played alot of games, flyff, tibia, lol, wow, tera, grand fantasia, grand chase, perfect world, shaiya, elsword, pokemon games, myth war, lineage, i cant even remember all lol! But red stone was the best so far, the only one that i invested time and money!

Well, im not here to say i will stop play rs forever, no! I just dont think rs is how it ‘used to be’, i dont think red stone has anything good to offer to new players, and 95% of the players we stil see around are old players, that stopd and came back, every reset u see less and less players and without new players, any game can suceed…

I will still log to do my regular sd’s, play some gvg’s or sw’s, even tho, sw is hard for me to show, since its 10pm of saturday, and i usually go out with friends to party or go eat out or whatever. xD


About me, like i said im 22 years old, im on uni, doing engineer, im from brazil, i still live with my parents, yeah haha! And this is me \/

IMG_3140 IMG_4495

I dont have a ‘personal’ facebook, just this fake i made to join rs events, since i started date i deleted my fb cuz it causes to many troubles on date 😛 >.<

But u can find me on instagram, as @damncellus, on skype as marcelluspaz

you can also find me on BR league of legends as Crazeys, or on phone game sumoners wars, as Crazeys,

Feel free to add me and leave a msg 😀

This is me, and those are my thoughts! I dont know if i will back to publish rs related things, but maybe? 😀

And remember, if u like the game or anything in ur life, keep doing! Do what u like, do what u love! Enjoy the life u want, cuz life is only one 🙂 

Cya ❤


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